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Review Time < 1 minute

Easy, Convenient & Quick Reviewing process

Productivity Focussed

Increased productivity – get more done with smaller teams

Engaged Employees

Higher engagement, lower attrition – save dollars on recruitment & onboarding

Measure Employees Potential vs Performance

High Productivity with Engaged employees

Organizations globally are suffering from low productivity and higher attrition of employees due to disengaged employees.

Start using MondayReady today to enable managers and employees in your organization to do frequent periodic reviews of the team members. Better employee engagement and improving an individual’s productivity is our responsibility.

In-Depth Analytics

Code Quality
Communication with managers
Willingness to take additional responsibility
Timeliness of work

Continual Review

Annual/Bi-annual reviews are not enough. Enable team to do continual self, peer & managers assessment.

Real-time Feedback

Real-time weekly review of individuals so that improvement can happen on the fly.

Actionable Performance Improvement Plan

Transformation of review & rating data into valuable insights along with actionable performance improvement plan

Potential & Performance Focus

An inbuilt algorithm to predict employees future potential and not just current performance.

Consistent & Key Players

Set the right team for your next sprint/project. Identify consistent stars & key players in your team.

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