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How to have effective remote working during Covid-19!

How to have effective remote working during Covid-19!

How to have effective remote working during Covid-19!

  • Posted by Monday Ready
  • On April 16, 2020

Right from educators facilitating their tuition to big teams at the MNCs coordinating with each other to small creative agencies, everyone is working online today. With the unfolding crisis, a huge chunk of the working population today is acknowledging the importance of chat room apps, collaboration tools, and other online chat collaboration systems to work remotely among dispersed teams. 

Isn’t productivity low when working remotely? Does productivity take a big hit when you are working from home? There aren’t straight answers with the companies and other professionals to glaring questions about productivity in these unusual times. 
So we thought of doing a quick listicle on tips to effective remote working along with a few interesting work stories from around the globe! 

How do we optimize productivity while working remotely? Well there are a few sure shot ways and the first among them is 

1) Expectation Setting-

This is a no-brainer yet you may slip out on setting the expectations straight with your team and at your end because hey, we are not used to working from home every day, right? Exactly!

2) The Extra Mile-

A readiness to go the extra mile is crucial to building a solid foundation for this novel working system. You may reach out to your team and address them closely at regular intervals. Be forthcoming with your superiors, subordinates and customers on any issue that needs communication by engaging regularly. Zoom CEO recently went Live streaming on YouTube to address the security concerns over the popular app. 

3) Choice of Apps-

As discussed in the introduction, today, irrespective of age and seniority, working professionals are putting a conscious effort to acclimatize with the chatroom apps. Choose professional, specifically work-related tools that help in your style of working. Monday Ready, an app that focuses on real-time performance tracking is an HR’s best friend. Innovative systems are employed to identify gaps in performance and address them instantly.

4) Set Ground Rules-

With yourself, you may have basic rules like designating a separate space of work or desk, finishing to-do lists, taking short breaks to stretch, etc. For your team, you may coordinate while going on lunch breaks, maintain daily work trackers, etc. to be better aligned. But is it only about work?

Amazon India has clear instructions to its managers to engage the team with a 45 minute activity daily to refresh the moods. Games, especially like Pictionary, are quite popular on video-calls. 

5) Spice Things Up-

If it suits you, make things a little lively and fun with your team by initiating reward systems for completing assigned tasks before time. To motivate yourself, you could come up with fun routines and 3 pm rituals to keep the day bright and breezy!

A start-up based out of Mumbai is rewarding its employees with added rating points for completing tasks on time while working from home. Some far-sighted outlook towards appraisals, eh? We love it. 

6) Let Go a Little

Allowing space for imperfection for yourself and your team in the initial days will bring a lot of positivity. New working conditions are bound to create a wee bit of slump in enthusiasm levels and that will show up in results in terms of low productivity. But cut everyone some slack, including yourself!

7) Output & Achievements-

Eyes on the prize, as they say! It may seem that your team is online and working well but arrange for mid-day checks to ensure the output isn’t badly affected for the week. This will keep your goals in line with the amount of work done. 

8) Don’t Stress-

It may be overwhelming, so don’t worry and get involved in too much multitasking as it won’t help anyone’s cause. Rather, be wary of the situation at hand and avoid distractions like news and social media unnecessarily. Keeping the productivity intact is key to growing but stressing out over it isn’t going to change things. 

Let us know what your company is doing to heighten the chances of work efficiency?
We would love to hear some more interesting tips that come to your mind, now that you are all experienced customers at it. Meanwhile, Monday Ready is rolling out its much awaited performance tool for free! Earlier slated for a June 2020 release, the founders have stepped up to ease the pressure off for companies facing the heat of the Covid crisis.


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